Frequently Asked Questions - Grappling SMARTY

Please find a list of the most common questions asked by customers!

(1) Can I practice [blank] with it? 

Yes, yes you can. Please check out the 2nd to last video on the front page of our website GrapplingSMARTY.com for a demonstration of 101 Techniques! We cover everything from bottom guard, guard passing, top pin attacks, pin escapes, turtle position, front headlock, leg locks, back takes, back control situation, and even some wrestling moves. And that doesn't even include what you can do with the SMARTY Harness, which opens up a lot of other options for Striking, Wrestling, and your bottom game in Grappling!


(2) Do you ship to [country]?

Yes, we ship worldwide!


(3) How much to ship to [country]?

We're happy to offer free international shipping for all unfilled SMARTY orders (some local duties and/or taxes may apply), and for pre-filled, please place the item in your cart, enter your address, and calculate shipping. You won't be charged until you enter your payment method and complete the purchase. 


(4) Will you be doing a discount for [blank]?

Sorry, we don't do seasonal discounts. If anything, the price might go up to help us keep up with demand, so the best time to buy is now! 


(5) Can I fill it with [sand/rubber mulch/other] to make it heavier?

Yes you can, but we don't recommend it. We've found that our recommended procedure (video at the bottom of the front page of our website, GrapplingSMARTY.com) offers the optimal balance of resistance and maneuverability.

Making it heavier will make it challenging to practice techniques from the bottom position; specifically for resetting it and balancing it on top long enough to drill techniques. Dead weight is significantly different from a live human's weight, insofar as a human will always have a tendency to post to regain their balance and will actively be looking to get and stay on top. An overweight SMARTY would be like grappling with a passed-out training partner... Very tiring and not much fun. 

Also, making the limbs too heavy will compromise the sound defensive posture the SMARTY is known for. 

So unless you plan on simply using the SMARTY to lift for fitness purposes, we recommend sticking with our procedure for best results and an optimal training experience. Hope this helps!


(6) Can I use more (or only) Poly Fill to make it lighter?

Also, not recommended. It will make your SMARTY a bit too light, which means it won't say in place very well in the Supine position. When you try to move a leg, the whole thing would roll away... Poly-Fill also gives the body too much of a "pillowy" feel, and doesn't offer quite enough resistance in the limbs. It will feel like grappling with a giant teddy bear. Polyester stuffing is also much more expensive than recycled fabric. So again, for best results, we recommend following our procedure. 



(7) Do you offer a Warranty? 

Yes we do! We're happy to offer a 12-month warranty. All our SMARTY products are made from the toughest materials available on the market today, heavy-duty vinyl with 4-ply, polyester-nylon thread and a double-stitch on every seam. We stand by our products 100%. If there is ever any issue, please simply reach out to us via email and we will make it right for you. You can rest assured this will be one of the best investments you'll ever make for your grappling progression. 


(8) What Gi size fits best for the SMARTY?

Based on our experience and customer feedback, we've found theses sizes fit best for most brands. To be sure, opt for a looser cut with more ample sleeves if possible:

  • SMARTY XL: A6 Gi
  • SMARTY 2.0: A4 Gi
  • SMARTY Kid: A1 Gi

That being said, it still needs a bit of work to get it on over the shoulders, as the SMARTY does not wiggle itself into the Gi as a human would. You'll also need to eliminate the twist that occurs in the sleeves, since the arms are a bit thicker than a human's both for sturdiness and to help with the filling process. But once it's on, it works well!

We might eventually develop a custom SMARTY Gi that would be easier to put on and take off if we receive enough demand... Let us know!


(9) Any plans to release a new SMARTY 3.0?

We're NOT planning on releasing a new model SMARTY 3.0 anytime soon. To be honest, we don't even know what we would change about our current design. We really went all in to apply all the feedback we received from our original design, so to date, we've only received positive feedback about the design of the SMARTY 2.0 (same as the XL & Kid), and no suggestions for improvement.
Hope this helps!


(10) What's the status of my order? When will it ship? When will it arrive?

Thanks for reaching out, and thanks a lot for your order! If you haven't received a shipping notification with tracking info yet (check spam to be sure), it means we're currently working on it and will update you ASAP. We always fulfill 100% of orders, so rest assured that we will deliver on our promise, even if it takes a bit of time. If the order is currently in transit and there is an issue with delivery, you will get the fastest response by contacting the shipping company directly using the tracking number we sent you via email. Canada Post tracking numbers can also be tracked on your national postal service's website for more accurate info once the parcel reaches your country. If the shipping company is unable to help, please contact us. We always find a way to make things right for our valued customers. Thank your for your patience, and looking forward to delivering your new SMARTY! 


Thanks for reading, and looking forward to fulfilling your order on GrapplingSMARTY.com!


Practice well 👊