Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)
Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)

Grappling SMARTY (Unfilled)

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The SMART Grappling Dummy!

Grappling dummies are, well... DUMB 🤪

...until NOW!

Introducing the FIRST (patent pending) intelligent grappling training tool:

The Grappling SMARTY! 💡

Better than most WHITE BELT human training partners!


Save on shipping for long-distance orders with the unfilled version!

FREE Worldwide Shipping! 💸

*Some local sales tax/duty charges may apply.

Just fill with used clothing or sheets, usually available by the lb/kg at your local thrift store (you will need to cut them up into small rag-size pieces), or at your local hardware or janitorial supply store in pre-cut rag format. 

[Optional] We also recommend filling the feet and ankles with Polyester Stuffing, so that the feet stay more upright for a more realistic supine position and better grip fighting with hands to feet. You will need about 2 lbs (1 kg). You can also fill the hands and wrists with Poly-Fil, but it doesn't make much of a difference. Example product found right here

For your convenience, we also offer the option to purchase the SMARTY Filling Materials directly from our website! 

Some shipping charges apply, depending on location. See product page for details. 

Not sure how to fill it?

Check out our video tutorial at the bottom of the front page of our website right here!

How to Fill Your Grappling SMARTY
(Scroll to bottom)

The fully filled Grappling SMARTY weighs about 50 lbs (23 kg) following our recommended filling instructions. You can make it lighter by adding more Polyester Filling and less recycled fabric. The size is modeled after roughly a 5'7'' (170 cm) human shape. 

If you would like to suit it up, we recommend the size A2 or A3 Gi for most brands.




Hey Fellow Grappler,

Patrick Fulop here, inventor of the SMARTY!

This was my lockdown project... 😅

Like many other martial arts school owners around the world, we were forced to close all in-person classes due to the pandemic.

We pivoted to 100% Zoom classes right away, and while that was definitely the best thing to do for our students and our business, if you've ever experienced virtual martial arts classes, you know it's not quite the same...

So our business definitely took a hit.

Furthermore, many of our students were stuck at home without a training partner, myself included.

Whereas I used to practice with my wife (an accomplished martial artist herself), in early 2020 she got pregnant with our very first baby, super sweet little Kyra!

No more Neon Belly drills... 😂

So I began looking for a grappling dummy.

I missed rolling, drilling, and sparring so much!

So did our students.

That's when I had the realization...

Grappling dummies suck!

How come nobody ever created a grappling dummy in an ACTUAL GRAPPLING POSITION?! 🤔

If you know anything about grappling, you know you should pretty much ALWAYS keep your knees to your armpits, and your elbows in front of your body!

That's what we call having a GUARD!

It's also necessary to be able to ROLL!

Most dummies on the market have wide-open chest exposure, and just lie flat like a day-one white belt.

Who wants to grapple with a CORPSE?!

That's when I noticed the opportunity 💡

Since nobody had done it already, I set out on a mission to create the perfect grappling training tool.

Let me tell you though, ideas are cheap, and execution is everything! 💪

You have no idea the number of sleepless nights, emails, sketches, video calls with our manufacturer, failed prototypes, trials, errors, and overall headaches of R&D that went into making the SMARTY a reality.

I also had to learn all about e-commerce, Shopify, social media marketing, order fulfillment logistics, etc. 🤓

But it was worth it because I knew this would bring value to the market.

I knew this could help my wife and me raise our baby girl in these challenging times.

And I knew that's what we needed to keep our skills fresh.

I was right.

The response from you guys since our launch in early 2021 (the same month Kyra was born 😍) has been overwhelming.

Thank you so much to all our valued customers around the world!

Lockdown or not, there will always be a need for intelligent training tools.

Much like the punching bag for striking, it doesn't replace a qualified and resisting training partner, but it can most definitely help you learn and practice technique, as well as develop your speed, power, and endurance.

By the way, the SMARTY can also serve as a punching bag! Have you checked out the SMARTY Harness yet? Right here: SMARTY Harness!

Whatever the future holds in store, we remain committed to our goal of making the Grappling SMARTY the new standard in the industry.

Our mission is to help martial artists everywhere improve faster thanks to the GREATEST INNOVATION in the grappling dummy space.

Invest in your training today.

You'll be glad you did.

Looking forward to fulfilling your order! 🙏


- Patrick Fulop




Why is the Grappling SMARTY the absolute best grappling dummy on the market today?


1. Versatile

Thanks to this innovative, realistic design, the Grappling SMARTY can adopt ALL the major positions you might find yourself in while fighting on the ground!

This includes:

  1. Seated
  2. Supine (on its back)
  3. Turtle

AND it can even offer better control when in the top position, whether that be:

  1. Top Guard (or Half-Guard)
  2. Top Side Control
  3. Top Full Mount

... it can even hold on to your BACK for you to practice your escapes! 

It can even ROLL!


What does this mean for you?

Well, now you can finally practice REALISTICALLY!

Instead of practicing beating a corpse...

Here is a non-exhaustive list of categories of techniques you can do!

  1. Guard Passes + Guard Retention
  2. Top Control + Pin Escapes
  3. Back Takes + Back Escapes
  4. Sweeps
  5. Leg entries
  6. Turtle Attacks: Breakdowns, Go Behinds, Mat Returns
  7. Ground & Pound from EVERYWHERE
  8. ALL Submissions! (Rear Naked Strangle, Guillotine, Armbar, Triangle, Heel Hook, Etc. Etc.)

Not sure how to do all that?

You can follow literally any video tutorial you could find on YouTube or purchased video instructional with the SMARTY the same way you would with a human training partner!

And guess what, you won't have to play dummy for anyone! Ha!

2. Durable

Will it stand the test of time?

You BET!

  • Made from heavy-duty VINYL synthetic leather.
  • Using 4-ply polyester/nylon ultra-strong thread.
  • Reinforced double-stitch for extra durability!

We even added some special folded fabric extendable joints in the hips and shoulders to give it more range of motion without risking any damage to the fabric!

See the demo videos for the stress testing!


3. Hygienic

Lastly, if you're worried about hygiene for odors, or if you intend to share this awesome training tool with other people, rest assured!

Because the fabric is 100% waterproof, you can easily clean and disinfect it between sessions so it stays ultra-clean!

It won't absorb moisture like other fabric-made dummies...


So what are you waiting for?


Trust me, if you've been wanting to get a grappling dummy, or if you're interested in improving your grappling skills thanks to a training partner that's there for you 24/7, and always available to practice what YOU want to practice...

This is the PERFECT training tool for you. 

Get yours today, you'll be glad you did.

Just be sure to leave a review once you've taken your grappling skills to a new level!


Practice well 👊


Patrick Fulop
Inventor of the Grappling SMARTY
School Owner at Effective Martial Arts


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Gianni Falcone
Good quality

Durable material

Dexter Birrell BoomYaDexter

As the title suggests, there can be only one and this is it!!
Forget about all other grappling dummies on the market and you can even forget about most white belts as this dummy does it all, no wonder it's called the SMARTY.

This is the only dummy that can catch you in half guard when you try to pass it, just ask my son. We where in hysterics at how many times it caught him.🤦‍♂️🤪
For fine tuning your skills and techniques this is a great tool, this has been one of the best purchases to date for my BJJ mad son.
He is training on it daily from doing:
Guard Passes
Hip escapes
Weight control
Active Rolling
To much much more....

Honestly if you are in the market for a grappling dummy or know someone who is, DO NOT HESITATE in purchasing the SMARTY, you will not be disappointed.

I have two BJJ mad kids aged 10 and 5 and they are both using the SMARTY, which has been named Timothy for some reason 🤣

The hardest part of it all was filling it, its a workout on its own 💪 however if you just take your time and follow the instructions you can get through it in about 1.5 -2HRS
I filled it with approx 2kg of PolyFill in the feet and hands and for everywhere else probably just over 40kg of loose rags, it feels great and it's easy to manoeuvre. obvioulsy you can add heavier materials if you require, but for us it's just right.

Thanks for creating such a fantastic product.

Absoloutly love it.

Stay Healthy & Keep Rolling 🤙

Thank you so much for the awesome review!
Wishing Dexter much success :)
- Patrick

Jess Lee Palista
It really stands for its name grappling SMARTY

The grappling smarty is really the best grappling dummy, using it feels like your really grappling with a real opponent, the only improvements i guess that it needed is too have its legs a little bit longer..

Thanks for the kind review!
Feedback duly noted :)
- Patrick

Kevin Huang
A Real Bro

Training with Larry is definitely better than most white belts. The best part is i can practice with full power and pressure without worrying about hurting him. Being able to drill subs at full power is a great workout.

Just amazing! Also, he's been a great tool to show and teach techniques to my family members that also train.

Finally, my gf and i like to prank each other and Larry has been instrumental in this war. Larry has been a real bro. Thanks for bringing him into my life.

Lol... happy to help!
Thanks for the kind review :)
- Patrick

Great rolling partner

I threw a gi on “Gerald” (the name my kids gave him) since my daughters and I primarily train in the gi, it was kind of a pain to throw it on, (Gerald is wearing a large A2) but if you get a low priced A3 it would work great.
The grappling smarty works amazing. “Gerald” weighs about 60lbs, I used a weighted blanket for his torso and filled the rest of him with poly fill and old BDU’s I had laying around.
My kids and I love training with it, it’s heavy enough for me to do what I need, and heavy enough for my kids to actually practice technique, such as guard recovery, hip escapes, shrimping, sweeps, and attacks from the bottom. The grappling smarty is super fun to have and I don’t regret purchasing. It allows us to drill on things we learn in class throughout the week and helps us with smoother transitions.
If you are on the fence about buying, I say, get over the fence and do it, it is a great investment and excellent decision. The shipping was fast. Thanks for a great product. 🤙🏽

Thanks you very much for the kind review, Bautista!
Glad you and your daughters are enjoying 'Gerald' :)
- Patrick