SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness
SMARTY Harness

SMARTY Harness

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The BEST Grappling Dummy... 💡




The NEW SMARTY Harness now allows you to practice realistic Striking, Wrestling, as well as Grappling techniques with an upright opponent!

Who needs a punching bag?... 😂

Imagine the possibilities...


👊 STRIKING: practice distance management, angles, any strike or striking combinations, body shots, leg kicks, as well as defensive techniques such as head movements or parries with counter-strikes! Take your accuracy to another level, learn to get around the guard and hit your precise target! You can even practice close-range striking in the CLINCH with elbows and knees!

💪 WRESTLING: practice your wrestling stance, grip fighting, mobility, as well as clearing the ties for shooting into any type of double leg or single leg takedowns! But that's not all, you can also do your snap downs, as well as various back takes with Arm Drags and Duck Unders! 

🤜 GRAPPLING: how about your bottom game? Whereas you can do this with the SMARTY unsupported, the Harness now allows you to practice more mobility in the bottom position such as various open guards (Butterfly, De La Riva, Reverse De La Riva, etc.), leg entries with Imanari Rolls, gravity drills, inversions, sweeps, and even ground kicks!


Best of all, it is SUPER HEAVY DUTY!

We went through many iterations and prototypes of the SMARTY Harness before settling on this one. It has very few moving parts for optimal durability, and it is made specifically to support and protect your SMARTY. 

✅ Heavy-duty, 2-inch, tensilized polyester straps. 

✅ Reinforced Box-X stitching using 4-ply polyester-nylon thread. 

✅ Double, secure D-Rings in optimal placement for a realistic forward-leaning position, and convenient rotational control. 

✅ Unique Quad-Strap technology to effectively support all the weight of the SMARTY plus impact stress, AND safely protect the SMARTY's waist and hip seams thanks to leg support. 

✅ Easy installation and removal. 



Regular human safety harnesses not only can cost you upwards of $200, but they are also not made for the SMARTY. The size, strap positioning, as well as D-Ring attachments of the SMARTY Harness are all specifically designed for optimal training and safety uniquely for the SMARTY. You risk damaging your investment if you use any other harness on the market.  


***Chains, quick link/carabiner, and ceiling attachment mechanism not included.***

We recommend purchasing these items at your local hardware store to fit your specific installation requirements. Strong support structure necessary.


Hey fellow martial artist, 

Patrick Fulop here, inventor of the SMARTY and now SMARTY Harness!

If you've read the other product descriptions and follow us on social, you'll know the SMARTY has been my quarantine project for many months now. 

As a martial arts school owner, I needed a way to keep my skills fresh during the lockdown, help students keep on improving, as well as support my family, especially with the birth of my first daughter only a few months ago (COVID baby... 😂)!

And I must say the response to the SMARTY has been overwhelming. I'm so happy we could help so many dedicated martial artists and grapplers throughout these unprecedented times. 

Now that the pandemic is slowly fading, although these were definitely challenging times, we're noticing many industries that have progressed tremendously. Some good has come out of it. 

My goal is for the grappling dummy industry to be no different. 

Why should we settle for sup-optimal solutions any more?

Solo practice will always be useful, and the SMARTY is set to establish the new standard for grapplers everywhere. 

But I thought... 

Why stop there?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a specific solution to do more with the SMARTY?

So I set out on a quest to develop a perfect support mechanism that would allow practicing all aspects of hand-to-hand combat with an upright opponent. 

It wasn't easy. 

3 months. 

From design, to first prototype (which broke instantly), to testing, revisions, shipping delays, and finally, the SMARTY Harness was born!

Now you can take advantage of all our hard work and add an extra level of versatility to your SMARTY training!

Honestly, with this tool, you can now replace your punching bags and any other dummy you might be considering. 

All you need is a sturdy ceiling structure to hang it on, and the necessary hardware which you can get really inexpensively at your local hardware store. 

Get your SMARY Harness today, this will open up a world of possibilities to take your solo training to another level. 

The only thing I ask is that you leave an honest, 5-star review once you start having a blast with your New SMARTY Harness!

Enjoy, and practice well 👊




Patrick Fulop 




Oh yeah, and we're happy to offer FREE Worldwide Shipping for all SMARTY Harness orders!

Enjoy 😊



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
markus zachert

first this is the best dummy i have ever had will improve my game ok filling it was quite a fight
maybe the size length of body is a little bit small
but not so shure about this now have to train more thanx

Thanks for the review, we did increase the hip and shoulder mobility with the SMARTY 2.0, so you'll feel like you have more room to manoeuver around the torso!
- Patrick

Evan Carter
Great addition!

The harness was a really nice addition to what I was already able to do with the Smarty. It's been fun working shots and some open guard stuff that I normally can't do on my own!

Nice! Happy to help :)
- Patrick

Alassane Notes
Simply amazing 🤩

Grappling Smarty is by far the most realistic dummy out there. It made me fall in love with Jiu-Jitsu again and simply put made me better.

Highly recommended!!!

Alassane N.
Brown Belt

Thanks, Alassane!
Happy to help :)
- Patrick


Good quality. The video for putting the harness on could you some work.

Thanks! Planning to re-do that video eventually... so busy!
Enjoy :)
- Patrick

Benjamin Zeng
Best Dummy I have ever used!

Biomechanically accurate to me. I am 6 ft 180 lbs. This is by far the best dummy I have ever used. I put in 10+ hrs within the first 48 hrs of using this dummy. I recommend the prefill because getting the weight in certain point just right is difficult. If I could I would sponsor this product in the future. The one downside is that I can notice a softening from the dummy. I am not sure how to handle this nor do I think this can actually be solved. It still gets 5 stars in my book!

Thanks for the great review, Benjamin! Indeed, the SMARTY will soften up and become more flexible with use. It can always be repacked to regain the original stiffness, but it's not necessary. Happy training :)
- Patrick