SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)
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SMARTY XL (Pre-Filled)

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Due to high demand, the current order fulfillment time on all Pre-Filled SMARTY orders is about 1 to 2 weeks before shipping—if you order now. We’re working hard to keep up! 

Other pre-filled “dumb” grappling dummies can cost up to $1,100 USD and feature a severely sub-optimal design (check out the video on the front page to find out exactly why).  

We do our best to make the Grappling SMARTY as affordable as possible, but we might raise the price soon if orders start piling up (as they always do). So, place your order today and lock in this great deal while supplies last!



SMARTY XL - Product Details

US Patent # 11,311,788 💡

This SMARTY XL features all the same design improvements as the standard-size SMARTY 2.0, just scaled up in size!

The SMARTY XL is modeled after roughly a 6’2'' (187 cm) human shape with an average build. If it were a human, it would weigh roughly 190 lbs (86 kg). It is our largest model, made to fit bigger grapplers.

For average size grapplers, check out the Pre-Filled SMARTY 2.0

For smaller grapplers and kids, check out the Pre-Filled SMARTY Kid.  

The Pre-Filled SMARTY XL weighs about 53 lbs (24 kg). We’ve found this to be the optimal weight for resistance and maneuverability. It is filled with mostly recycled fabric and a bit of Polyester Filling in the feet and hands.

It comes in a cardboard box 20" x 20" x 27".  

If you would like to suit it up, we recommend the size A6 Gi for most brands (loose fit recommended).



SMARTY XL - Shipping Information

Once shipped, the total transit time will depend on your location as well as the shipping option you select at checkout. 

Here is a rough estimate of shipping fees and transit times (after production) for the pre-filled SMARTY XL: 

  • Europe: about $315 USD for express (about 14 days) and about $215 USD for regular (up to 60 days).
  • United States: about only $150 USD shipping cost (about 7 business days).
  • Canada: about only $80+tx CAD shipping cost or less for Quebec and Ontario.
  • Excluded countries (not possible to ship pre-filled due to size and weight restrictions on imports): Australia, Poland, Mexico, and possibly others. Sorry for the inconvenience.

➡ To find out exactly how much shipping would be to your location, add this item to your cart and click "continue to shipping". You will not be charged until you enter your payment information and confirm the purchase.

Depending on your location, some additional duties or taxes might be requested upon delivery by the shipping company

To save on shipping, materials, and labor, we recommend you get the unfilled SMARTY, for which we are happy to offer FREE worldwide shipping! 💸

Check out the video at the bottom of the front page of our website for our recommended filling procedure. The video features the Original SMARTY, but the procedure is the same for the SMARTY XL.

If you’re interested, click here for more info on the Unfilled SMARTY XL



SMARTY XL – Functionality

Check out the video on the front page of our website to understand exactly why the Grappling SMARTY is the best grappling dummy ever designed, and how we made it even better with version 2.0!

In a nutshell:

✅ We developed the Original Grappling SMARTY out of sheer frustration with the options on the market, all the other “dumb” dummies have no guard!

✅ The SMARTY’s patented design is the only one to feature a proper grappling stance with knees above the hip line and elbows in front of the body.

✅ This revolutionary design allows the SMARTY to be stable in the Seated, Turtle, and Supine Positions, allowing you to practice any situation or technique realistically from top or bottom!

✅ With the redesign of the SMARTY 2.0 (& XL), we applied all the valuable customer feedback we received about the original design and even went above and beyond with some awesome new innovations!


Benefits of training with the Grappling SMARTY:

  1. Practice realistically anywhere, anytime, for as long as you want!
  2. No need to give the SMARTY a turn drilling on you!
  3. Put in the reps to learn new techniques, follow instructionals, or simply develop your muscle memory, precision, and speed for the techniques you’ve learned in class!
  4. Improve your strength in finishing mechanics for optimal joint breaks and powerful strangulations – something you shouldn’t do on people!
  5. Practice full-force ground & pound and powerful slams!
  6. Develop grappling-specific cardio!
  7. Super tough and heavy-duty materials to enjoy years of training!
  8. Waterproof material – easy to clean!
  9. [Optional] Enjoy even more functionality to practice Striking, Wrestling entries, as well as new aspects of your Grappling bottom game with the SMARTY Harness!


Disclaimer: of course, you ALSO need to spar and roll with qualified human training partners for optimal skill development. But the SMARTY is a game-changer for drilling, and drillers make killers 💪

We have completely disrupted the grappling dummy market with the Grappling SMARTY, and we’ve done it again with the SMARTY 2.0 & XL!

Over 5000 SMARTY products sold to happy customers around the world 😃



12-Month Warranty

All our SMARTY products are made from the toughest materials available on the market today, heavy-duty vinyl (easy cleaning) with 4-ply, polyester-nylon thread and a double-stitch on every seam. 

We stand by our products 100%. If there is ever any issue, please simply reach out to us via email and we will make it right for you. 

This will be one of the best investments you'll ever make for your grappling progression. 



Thanks again to all our valued customers, you are awesome. 

It's a true honor to serve you. 

Looking forward to reading your review!


Sincerely 🙏



Patrick Fulop
Inventor of the Grappling SMARTY


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Christopher Hinton
The Best Grappling Dummy

I researched all the available options on the market. Didn't pull the trigger on buying one for 2 years. Then decided I just couldn't wait any longer, and ordered my Smarty XL.

I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, but then again, this is my training, and it's super important.

So I knew if I got a cheaper one, yeah, I'd save a few bucks.... maybe even a few hundred. But I didn't want to have any excuses with my training, and I knew if I didn't get the best, I'd regret it.

The quality of this dummy is amazing. It's like the same material as my heavy bag... SUPER durable and tough! I seriously think it's going to last me forever. (since I'm already 55, lol)

The XL is huge. It seems bigger than me... I'm 5'8". It's super sturdy and requires a lot of force, which is good b/c it's preparing me to fight a big strong opponent. I'm sure it breaks in after awhile and softens up a bit, but for now I'm appreciating the stiffness while it lasts.

Dummies have evolved over the past 10 years. But this dummy is at the peak of the evolution. They've thought of everything when it comes to building the best dummy on the market. There is simply nothing that tops it, and I'm so glad I invested for the long-term in the Smarty XL.

Thanks for the detailed review, Christopher!
Happy training with your SMARTY XL :)

Mike Kahn
No delivery - but good followup

It seems there is a problem with delivery, but this company is following up with me and the shipping company to make sure it gets resolved quickly quickly.

Nice talking to you earlier, Mike! Shipping delays can sometimes happen, but we're working hard to resolve the issue and we will deliver your order one way or the other :)

Smarty XL

The Smarty XL Grappling Dummy has exceeded all my expectations, making it an indispensable tool in my training routine. Its realistic design and anatomically accurate shape provide an authentic feel, allowing me to practice a wide range of techniques with precision. The durability of the materials and reinforced stitching ensure longevity, even with intense workouts. As a bonus, working from home has allowed me to seamlessly integrate short training sessions throughout the day, making it incredibly convenient to run a few drills whenever I need a quick break. The Smarty XL's versatility and durability have truly made it a standout addition to my home training setup.

Thanks for the great review!
Happy you like your new SMARTY XL :)

The Grappling Smarty is Worth Every Penny

I've used several grappling dummies over the last several years and by far this is the best one. This purchase will be the closest thing to having a real training partner you can get. It is worth every penny. I love it!

Thanks for the kind review, C.B.!
Enjoy your training :)

Hayden crump

The best dummy I've rolled with tuff can handle ground and pound no problem keeps form, cant get any better very happy thank you, they truly care about there customers hand written note inside package means alot, you dont get that anymore would recommend 100%, and would defiantly buy from here again

Thanks, Hayden! Happy you're happy with your SMARTY :)