SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
SMARTY XL (Unfilled)
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SMARTY XL (Unfilled)

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Please give us up to one week to get your order out the door, and transit time should take a maximum of about 2 weeks depending on your location. You will receive tracking info via email when your order ships out. 

Save on shipping, materials, and labor with the unfilled SMARTY XL!



SMARTY XL - Product Details

US Patent # 11,311,788 💡

This SMARTY XL features all the same design improvements as the standard-size SMARTY 2.0, just scaled up in size!

The SMARTY XL is modeled after roughly a 6’2'' (187 cm) human shape with an average build. If it were a human, it would weigh roughly 190 lbs (86 kg). It is our largest model, made to fit bigger grapplers.

For average-size grapplers, check out the Unfilled SMARTY 2.0

For smaller grapplers and kids, check out the Unfilled SMARTY Kid

Once filled, the SMARTY XL should weigh about 53-58 lbs (24-26 kg). We’ve found this to be the optimal weight for resistance and maneuverability. We recommend filling it with recycled fabric and a bit of polyester stuffing in the feet and hands (see instructions below).

If you would like to suit it up, we recommend the size A6 Gi for most brands (loose fit recommended).



SMARTY XL - Filling Instructions

Check out the video at the bottom of the front page of our website for our detailed recommended filling procedure!

How to Fill Your Grappling SMARTY
(Scroll to bottom)

The video features the Original SMARTY, but the procedure is the same for the SMARTY XL. 

Once received, just fill it with about 60 lbs (27 kg) of used fleece, light cotton, or polyester fabric. Avoid thicker materials such as jeans, corduroy, used gis, or towels. 

Options to find recycled fabric:

  • Empty your drawers of old t-shirts, sweaters, bed sheets, or baby clothing and cut them up into rag-size pieces.
  • Buy used clothing by the lb/kg at your local thrift store.
  • Buy pre-cut rags online by searching for “buy rags online [your country]”.
  • Visit your local tailor(s) and ask if they have fabric scraps to give or sell.
  • Empty an old punching bag, or purchase a cheap one to use the stuffing.
  • Sacrifice an old “dumb” grappling dummy and give it a new life as a Grappling SMARTY!

Additionally, we recommend about 2 lbs of “Poly-Fill” (or polyester stuffing) for the feet and hands to make the extremities lighter for more realistic grip fighting. You can usually find this easily on Amazon or by searching for “buy polyester stuffing online [your country]”.

Want to avoid all that trouble?

Check out the Pre-Filled SMARTY XL, save time by letting our team of professionals fill it perfectly for you and deliver it to your doorstep, ready to roll!



SMARTY XL – Functionality

Check out the video on the front page of our website to understand exactly why the Grappling SMARTY is the best grappling dummy ever designed, and how we made it even better with version 2.0!

In a nutshell:

✅ We developed the Original Grappling SMARTY out of sheer frustration with the options on the market, all the other “dumb” dummies have no guard!

✅ The SMARTY’s patented design is the only one to feature a proper grappling stance with knees above the hip line and elbows in front of the body.

✅ This revolutionary design allows the SMARTY to be stable in the Seated, Turtle, and Supine Positions, allowing you to practice any situation or technique realistically from top or bottom!

✅ With the redesign of the SMARTY 2.0, we applied all the valuable customer feedback we received about the original design and even went above and beyond with some awesome new innovations!


Benefits of training with the Grappling SMARTY:

  1. Practice realistically anywhere, anytime, for as long as you want!
  2. No need to give the SMARTY a turn drilling on you!
  3. Put in the reps to learn new techniques, follow instructionals, or simply develop your muscle memory, precision, and speed for the techniques you’ve learned in class!
  4. Improve your strength in finishing mechanics for optimal joint breaks and powerful strangulations – something you shouldn’t do on people!
  5. Practice full-force ground & pound and powerful slams!
  6. Develop grappling-specific cardio!
  7. Super tough and heavy-duty materials to enjoy years of training!
  8. Waterproof material – easy to clean!
  9. [Optional] Enjoy even more functionality to practice Striking, Wrestling entries, as well as new aspects of your Grappling bottom game with the SMARTY Harness!


Disclaimer: of course, you ALSO need to spar and roll with qualified human training partners for optimal skill development. But the SMARTY is a game-changer for drilling, and drillers make killers 💪

We have completely disrupted the grappling dummy market with the Grappling SMARTY, and we’ve done it again with the SMARTY 2.0 & XL!

Over 5000 SMARTY products sold to happy customers around the world 😃



12-Month Warranty!

All our SMARTY products are made from the toughest materials available on the market today, heavy-duty vinyl (easy cleaning) with 4-ply, polyester-nylon thread and a double-stitch on every seam. 

We stand by our products 100%. If there is ever any issue, please simply reach out to us via email and we will make it right for you. 

This will be one of the best investments you'll ever make for your grappling progression. 



Thanks again to all our valued customers, you are awesome. 

It's a true honor to serve you. 


Looking forward to reading your review!


Sincerely 🙏



Patrick Fulop
Inventor of the Grappling SMARTY


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Ken H.
Best Yet

This is my third training dummy and is the best yet. I would buy the XL no matter what age or size you are. The long legs and arms let you do full extension on techniques like leg locks and armbars. When filling you may want to put tape over the Velcro to prevent polyfill from sticking to it. Also Target sells $4.00 pillows called Room Essentials. Tear them open for the polyfill it’s the best bang for the buck.


Awesome acquisition. It helps me a lot on my experimentation before I get something to the mat.

Thanks, Amos! Enjoy :)

Brandon Cook
Best Grappling Dummy EVER!!!

Filling that Smarty XL (I purchased the unfilled) was a battle in itself, but I eventually won!!! I took a few blisters and bruises though. haha... Halfway through the process, I was like "man, why didn't I just order the prefilled?!?!" Although I did save some hard-earned cash, I spent it in pain and sweat equity. Love my Smarty though! Best Grappling Dummy EVER!

Best of luck to those qualified young men on the front lines who are doing the filling for you day in and day out. 😉

I followed the filling instructions using the Poly Fil (purchased on Amazon) for the hands and feet. Then I purchased an old Heavy Bag via Craigslist or FB Marketplace for the shredded material needed for the rest of the body. After that the battle was on! You really have to take your time and pack it down in there. After getting some blisters, I decided to put on some latex gloves. My fingers were hurting by the end, but I won the war and stood victorious!

The Smarty works great for practicing your techniques, drilling, ground n' pound, throws, slams, isometric chokes (to build muscular strength), and pretty much any punishment you can dole out that a human training partner would find extremely unpleasant. haha

If you're short on cash, get the unfilled but be prepared to for a battle! If you have the funds, save yourself the struggle and buy the pre-filled.

Wishing the company continued success!

Thanks for the kind reveiw, Brandon, and good job on the fill!
Hope you enjoy your new SMARTY XL :)

Loving the Grappling Smarty XL

The filling process is a bit burdensome but once filled it’s a great drilling/training tool!

Thanks for the kind review! Good job for the fill :)

Love it !

Really well made. Great product for grapplers. I set myself up at home with the Smarty (XL), a mat and an instructional (on K-Guard for instance) this Saturday. The smarty feels very real, can even mimic well a kneeling person (from inside your closed guard).
On Sunday's open mat, I was able to get into the position very easily even on a live resisting human and I attribute this to being able to physically learn the movements with the help of the Smarty. I feel like this product will help me sky rocket my knowledge of more advance grappling moves and systems.
Thank you Patrick and your team ! Happy customer from New-Brunswick.

Thanks for the kind review, Jo!
Happy you love your SMARTY XL :)